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    Do You Currently Have an Overhead or Underground Service?

    Is the Panel in the Basement or Garage?

    Is the Panel in the Basement or Garage?

    Are You Okay with a Surface Mount Cable or Conduit on the Side of the House?

    Is There Any Trenching Required?

    What is the Size of Your Hot Tub?

    Are There Any Receptacles within 1.5m of the Planned Location of the Hot Tub?

    Is There a Light within 10' of the Hot Tub (so requiring GFCI protection)?

    Note: Typically, outlet and light upgrades require additional charges that will be above and beyond the basic price.

    Are You Replacing Lights or Installing New Ones?

    Do You Want Them on a Dimmer?

    Is There an Existing Switch We Are Repurposing or a New One to Be Installed?

    Is the Panel in the Basement or Garage?

    Have You Already Purchased a Charger?

    Is the Basement Finished?

    Is the Attic Finished?