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Today’s devices or appliances pull more electrical current than what knob and tube wiring was created for – have our team upgrade your home wiring today.

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Knob and tube wiring revolutionized the world that we live in, and while it has many detractors – it was built to last. This electrical system was installed in homes between 1900-1955 (approximately), and there are homes in our community that are still being powered by this system today – perhaps even your home is one of them.

While knob and tube electrical wiring was cutting edge in its day, it is now considered a risky way to power your home. The system is ungrounded and open air, predating all wire insulation safety code rules, and scales poorly when new devices or power demands are incorporated into it. Today’s devices or appliances pull more electrical current than what the wires were created for causing the old wires to heat up and become a fire hazard.

Because of these reasons, and more, there are many insurance providers that will no longer provide insurance coverage to homes that have this older method of wiring.

Upgrading Your Home's Wiring

If you currently have knob and tube wiring in your home and any of this sounds technical or intimidating to you, don’t worry – we can help. Our licensed Kitchener-Waterloo electricians have been upgrading the knob and tube or aluminium wiring in homes for decades to contemporary building standards and electrical safety codes.

Work can be done room by room so as not to cause a major inconvenience to those at home.

To book a home electrical assessment to see if your home is up to code and up-to-date contact our team today.