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Until very recently having a permanent standby generator at home was prohibitively expensive for most families. However, this is no longer the case. Standby generators have greatly reduced in price and are more efficient than ever, allowing a home owner to run some of the most demanding electrical devices in their homes completely off generator power should an emergency situation arrive.

We now live in a time where you can do the laundry, cook dinner and make sure your electric car is charging – all through usage of a standby generator. You can continue your life while others are experiencing a power outage. Connecting your fridge, freezer or other appliances, air conditioner, heaters and lights to a backup power source will keep you comfortable and prevent the need to throw out spoiled food.

Home generator installations are slightly more complex than your average electrical installation and require new electrical distribution equipment to communicate with and feed your homes’ existing electrical equipment. The process will also require permits and scheduled shut downs from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and local hydro authority.

Home Generator

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Install a standby generator

Our licensed Kitchener-Waterloo electricians have installed generators in homes and local businesses across the community for years. We are well aware of the requirements and solutions to provide the most cost effective standby power generation option to our customers.